Rick Hare

Digital Architect

Rick is a creative genius skilled in using current technology to help regular people get their voice heard and counted.  This extraordinary skill is rare as piercing the overwhelming noise on the internet is next to impossible for most entrepreneurs, small businesses and regular people.

Rick is the CEO and creative mind behind a new phase in communication he’s developed that is intended to get regular people noticed through the intense noise.

theGammaPhase.com explains this new blogging system that has a design to make it simple for regular people to have a voice. The system has NO COST to users, EVER!

Users subscribe to tGPgroups.com, that are subjects the users are passionate about. Users sign up to as many tGPgroups as they choose to comment, post or just follow.

Rick’s successes began with free4uonline, the first free mall, PBP (push button promos) a hugely successful marketing program, TGP, the forerunner to BotCloud which is the advertising technology YouTube borrowed and still uses today while creating 100s of millions of views monthly, theOCpages that was the first to work with YouTube’s Penguin, ididet which lead to theGammaPhase.

theGammaPhase.com is to blogs what Google did for internet search. It removes the intimidating process for regular people to get their voices heard at not cost ever.

Feel free to reach out to Rick through email rick@bluesgrid.com

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